Relationship between yoga and Sanatana Hindu dharma

Rajiv Malhotra's dialogue with Dr. H. R. Nagendra, President VYASA, Bangalore

Rajiv Malhotra: Important to watch till the end. My goal was to debate the relationship between yoga and Sanatana Hindu dharma. 

Notice how the argument proceeds gradually and systematically. In the end, he is fully in agreement with me that yoga (except for very superficial benefits) requires full compliance with Vedic metaphysics, lifestyle, processes.

This is one of the most consequential videos I have done with the masters, because earlier Dr Nagendra's position publicly was in line with that of Jaggi Vasudeva and some others - i.e. that yoga is unrelated to Hinduism.

Given Dr Nagendra's powerful status as the official head of GOI's yoga movement, this switch in a 1.2 hour discussion is extremely important.