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Namaste! Have you read the books 'Academic Hinduphobia', 'The Battle For Sanskrit', 'Indra's Net'Being Different', 'Breaking India', or 'Invading the Sacred'? A key focus of this blog is to promote original Indian thought by curating the huge body of work done by Rajiv Malhotra. We summarize key discussions at Rajiv Malhotra's forum, his books, and debates.

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1. Archives

This is the central page of the HHG site. The archive has organized meta-links to the entire material in the site.

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This page maintains meta-links to all of Rajiv ji's blogs, videos, and essays. The repository can also be accessed by simply clicking Rajiv ji's picture on the right-side of this page.

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5. Search Options

There are three ways to find the information you are looking for.

A. Keyword-search
We have painstakingly indexed hundreds of phrases (e.g. "digestion", "neo-Hindu", etc.) that frequently occur in our blogs. They are available on the right-side bottom, or at the keywords page link in the archive.

B. Search This Site 
Use the search-bar on the right of this page

C. Custom Search
Follow the 'custom search' link right below the search bar.

6. Rajiv Malhotra's tweets

You can follow the latest tweets of @RajivMessage on the right-side of the page.

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