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Rajiv Malhotra Resource Repository 

Book Summaries

Hitchhiker's Guide to 'Invading the Sacred'

Debate Summaries

Debate on 'Hinduism & Indian Grand Narrative', Delhi University Psychology Department (February 2015)

Panel Debate: We The People: 'Climate Change' for NGOs vs Government? (February 2015, NDTV)

Panel Debate: Culture is the New Politics (January 2015, Jaipur Lit Fest)

Panel Discussion: Matters of Faith (January 2015, Jaipur Lit Fest)

Debate with Prof. Christian Eberhart, at India House, Houston, USA (December 2014)

Debating Hinduism and the Indian Grand Narrative (September 2014, Bengaluru Lit Fest)

Panel Discussion: A country Gagged & Bound? (September 2014, Bengaluru Lit Fest)

Summary of Twitter Debates (February 2014)

Rajiv Malhotra's response to Swapan Dasgupta (March 2014)

Debate with Francis Clooney: Part-1, Part-2

Debate with Mark Tully

Debate with Vijay Prashad

Google Hangout Archive

Video Summaries 

Rajiv Malhotra at the dharma conference, New Jersey, September 2015

Are Sanskrit Studies in the West becoming a New Orientalism? - Distinguished Lecture at Delhi (February 2015)

Art of Living 2015

IHAR Houston Event 2014

Bangalore Literature Festival 2014

Lectures not specific to Hinduism


Forum Summaries


October   Indian DNA and civilization - Reflections, How tapasya leads to anubhava and then knowledgeRajiv Malhotra's messages

August     Forum Response to Prof. Anant Rambachan's critique of Indra's Net

July          ‘The Battle for Sanskrit’ – A Preview of Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book

March       Ignorant Hindu leaders invite Rambachan to represent Hinduism, Two Letters by a Native American on her dharma, The Battle for Sanskrit is Under way,

February   John Dayal, Part-1: An encounter, John Dayal, Part-2: Breaking India



December   Does Devdutt Pattnaik know the meaning of cult?,

November  Avoiding 5 common mistakes when defending Hinduism, RISA's Token Hindus, Aravindan Neelakandan clarifies, The Sanskrit Wars Have Begun, Not Proto Indo European, but Proto Sanskrit,

October     Why Hinduism is simply not equal to Right Wing, Are anthropological studies as carried out in the West a violation of Human Rights, New Jersey evangelists target Diwali for digestion, 

September Sufism: The latest fashion statement among HindusSwami Nithyananda: Persecution 2.0, Avatar or Incarnation: Does it matter?, 

August      Hijacking Sanskrit Away from Hindu DharmaThe strange case of the re-de-re-colonized Ananya Vajpeyi, 

June          Is ISKCON being digested into Judeo-Christianity?, Dangers for India in collaborating with German Indologists, The rape debate: How Western Universalism influences India's intellectual elite, 

March       Transcript: Arun Shourie's Lecture on Indra's Net, Encounters With Western Psychology,  

February   Summary of the Neo-Hindu thesis,

Milestone: Forum completes three years

January     Intolerance in the name of freedom of expression,  

Milestone: 'Indra's Net: Book Launch


December  Why are Hindu Leaders Celebrating the Digestion of Hinduism: Part 1, and Part 2,

November   How does karma theory of Hinduism work?, Digestion versus Inclusivism, Jesus Sahasranamam: Digestion of Hinduism in Kerala, Can the Yogic experience be replicated using psychedelics?, The differences between digestion and conversion, Hindu Leaders in India Celebrate the Digestion of Hinduism,

October       Please understand digestion!Digestion of Onam,The Sita Syndrome, Vibhinnata, Vibhinnate: Hindi and Kannada editions of 'Being Different', NY Times India Ink and Breaking India,

September   Chicago Story: How CPWR was exposed

August          Prevent Digestion and Distortion of Holi,

July              Did Jeffrey Long 'Out' Rajiv Malhotra's new book before publication?, Bhagavad Gita is NOT the Bible of India,

April            Plagiarism Charge against Devdutt Pattanaik - Complete Discussion, 4-10, Is Narayana Murthy a good ambassador for Brand India?Romanization of Sanskrit

March          5-11, 11-17, 17-23, 23-29, Who are our Devis and Devatas?, 29 - April 4

February      3-9, 9-15, 15-21, 21-27, 28 - March 5

Milestone: Forum completes two years

January       3-9, 9-15, 15-21, 21-27, 27 - February 3


December   4-10, Interview with Christian Today, 10-16, American Veda: A Digestion of Hinduism - Part 2, 16-22, Science and Sanskrit, A westerner's challenge - 2, 22-28,
28 - January 3

November   4-10,10-16, 16-22, 22-28, 28 - December 4

October:      1-10, 10-17, 17-23, 23-29, 29 - Nov 4, Summary Thread on Plagiarism, Science and Sanskrit, A westerner's challenge - 1.

(HHG blog launched)



June             American Veda: A Digestion of Hinduism - Part 1,


April            2-8 Part -1, Part -2, 9-15, 16-22, Fair-skin complexion - digestion of indian aesthetics?, 23-29

March          5-11, 12-18, 19-25, 26 - April 1

February      6-12, 13-19, Integral Unity vs Synthetic Unity, 20-26, 27 - March 4, A Common Misinterpretation of Unity Consciousness

Milestone: Forum completes one year

January        2-8, 9-15, 16-22, 23-29, 30 - February 5


December    5-11, 12-18, 19-25, 26 - January 1

November   7-13, 14-20, 21-27, 28 - December 4

September   5-11, 12-18, 19-25, 26 - October 2

Milestone: 'Being Different' Book launch
August        1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, 29 - September 4

July             Case study: Debating with an Elite Convert, 4-10, 11-17, 18-24, 25-31, Debate: Holy Spirit is not Shakti or Kundalini

June             6-12, 13-19, Ramakrishna Mission and Sameness, Digestion of Hinduism and Jesus in India, 20-26, 27 - July 3

May             2-8, 9-15, 16-22, 23-29, 30 - June 5

April            4-11, 11-17, 18-24, 25 - May 1

March          1-6, 7-14, 15 , 17 (Jati) , 15-21, 22-28, 29-Apr 4

February      4-10, 10-16, 16-22, 22-28,

Milestone: 'Breaking India' Book launch

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