RMF Summary: Week of April 16 - 22, 2012

April 16
A reflection from one of the digested  
Arun shares:James Baldwin, October 26, 1965:
"The white South African or Mississippi sharecropper or Alabama sheriff has at bottom a system of reality which compels them really to believe when they face the Negro that this woman, this man, this child must be insane to attack the system to which he owes his entire identity. For such a person, the proposition which we are trying to discuss here does not exist....

Also see ....

April 16
A piece on Hinduism on CBS News Kajal shares: This post is a little off topic but I was relieved to see that there was a 10 minute piece on Hinduism without a single mention of caste!...

April 17
A critical review of Being Different by Kalavai Venkat
ntcriticalreview.blogspot.com/ . Regards, KV...

April 17
Museum of Hindu Contributions to the world - request for facts
I have been invited by the head of this important museum in Canada as adviser to help set up educational displays. We are collecting factual and accurate information on Hindu contributions to the world in various fields.

If you have specific information, files, posters, links, etc. to send me please do so off line.... If you wish to volunteer to compile such information, please write to me
as well.

[this post below had a lot of responses and will be covered in a separate post].

April 18
Fair-skin complexion - digestion of indian aesthetics?
.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/jul/19/india-fair-skinned-be\ auty http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7010885.stm ...

April 18
Request for serious research volunteers
I have been doing a massive project for 20 years that is getting out of hand because the information is exploding faster than I can keep up. I need to also...
[those who are really interested and inspired to work on such projects can contact Rajiv offline].

April 21
BD turned into a social game - need volunteers with interest to help
Someone who is a game designer has sent me a proposed social game based on BD. I need volunteers to help evaluate it, guide it on my behalf, etc. Pls contact...

April 22
Manushi magazine review of BD
in/articles.php?articleId=1592 The review is written by a prominent traditional scholar who was also a discussant at the BHU seminar....

Seshadri responds:
The reviewer has quoted from Tagore's works many times and it is very informative and inspiring.
The phrase used by Gurudev "slavery of taste", sums up the current state preoccupation of millions 
of 'minds' in India especially those of the so called "educated" and "vociferous". We have to wake up
before the 'silent majority' is irreversibly buried under the weight of waste piling up as a result of
by mindless following of the 'universal' western models of individual destiny and balance."


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