RMF Summary: Week of February 27 - March 5, 2013

February 28
Activating my Twitter 
Rajiv Malhotra shares: I have started tweeting regularly. Please follow me if you like - @RajivMessage My Huffpost blog on the new Pope triggered a huge angry reaction from Catholics...

February 28
Vedas and religions/ music scholar
Maria comments on two previous threads:
One, regarding the music scholar who finds it easier to get his research published when he included Persia as a source which is of course disappointing [e.g. see keyword Raga]. Unfortunately, in the present scenario, he might even in India find it easier if he includes Persia. India is such big country in its own right. It would not need a foreign university press if it would own up its tradition and back it solidly. There is clearly a change happening among young people here, but the establishment moves slowly.....

Two, whether all religions are the same according to the Vedas (see related thread later in this post). In my view this question cannot be put, as in Vedic times there were no religions like Christianity and Islam. The Rishis would never have imagined that such religions would be taken seriously and even might be considered superior compared to a genuine, dedicated inner search based on reason, intuition and experience into what is true. Blind belief in outlandish claims about a historical person, and bullying with eternal hellfire would have been challenged and enforcing such belief with state power (death) unthinkable.."

February 28
BBC's skeptical, cynical, irreverent article on Westerners becoming
Ravi posts: BBC's skeptical, cynical, irreverent article on Westerners becoming Hindu Sanyasis

March 2

Mother Teresa declared "Saint of the media" by new study
JP shares: http://timesofindia

.indiatimes.com/world/uk/mother-teresa-saint-of-the-media-controversial-study-says/articleshow/18760028.cms **** ** ** LONDON: A study... 

Menon shares another news article from December 2012.
Wednesday 26 December 2012
Mother Teresa 'miracle' patient accuses nuns

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Monica Besra says that the Missionaries of Charity offered financial help for her livelihood and her children's education 
By Peter Foster in New Delhi
1:10PM BST 05 Sep 2007
An Indian woman whose "miracle" cure from cancer was instrumental in the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta has accused the Sisters of Charity of abandoning her to a life of penury..."

Venkat shares a 2007 article.

March 3 (continuing discussion from February 13)
Re: Are all religions really the same according to Vedas?
Surya shares: How to use sameness thinking of Hindus to build bridges and convert them to Christianity

Article: "Impacting the Hindu diaspora in North America" by Timothy Paul in the International Journal of Frontier Missiology, 26:3 Fall 2009, pages 129-133


Step 1: Build a sambandh or relationship with the Hindus

A believer in Christ and a Hindu enter into a relationship with one another that is authentic and sustainable.

Step 2: Help Hindus connect to Jesus via Anubhav or experience

Hindus interact with and certify religious truth in two ways, either traditionally or experientially. Since Jesus is not a part of Hindu tradition, no amount of our sharing about the Christian tradition will impact them. The better way to bring the gospel to Hindu people is by experiencing Jesus.

Step 3: Help develop Bhakti or devotion to Jesus
Bhakti means devotion or worship of a specific deity and it is the heartbeat of how Hindus respond to God. It is how Hindus would naturally respond to a experience positive initiatory experience of Jesus..."

March 3
Valerie Tarico: If the Dalai Lama Were Pope
I was trying to figure out how to highlight what's wrong with the papacy without simply repeating what everyone else has said, and then my husband Brian stuck an old article on my desk about the Dalai Lama retiring.

Respect for science, a truly comprehensive culture of life, separation of church and state, a sad lack of scandal, and (not mentioned) a severe wardrobe downgrade.
Despite Vatican efforts to keep the public eye focused on pomp and circumstance, speculation about the real reason for Pope Benedict’s resignation dominates conversation about the papal succession: Is it the Vatileaks money laundering? Is it the pedophilia scandal? Might it have something to do with criminal charges filed in European courts? How about the impact of all three on Catholic Church coffers and pews? Is this about immunity or power or finances or brand management? Continue reading →..."

Rajiv comment: This person read my [Huffington Post] blog on the new Pope and cited it in her own extension of that. Interesting...

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