Old and new images of sepoy and master

pic linked from punch.photoshelter.com

pic linked from devdutt.com

The first image shows British master with Indian sepoy. The body language is asymmetric and explicit.

In the second image, Devdutt Pattanaik and Wendy mom are embracing as equal love birds. But power is asymmetric. One has intellectual adhikara over the other. One has superiority complex and the other is colonized as inferior. One is funding the other and giving him legitimacy and prestige. The subordinate does the dirty work for his master. But in this new American form of colonization, the sepoy gets treated with outward respect. Americans are better at the game than the Brits. The sepoys they hire are better educated and more polished. The lure of sepoy-hood is greater than before.

Please compare & contrast the two eras of colonization, and how Sepoy 1.0 have morphed into Sepoy 2.0.

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