Is there Moksha in Christianity?

Here is the link to the forum discussion. (you can join the Satsang. It is free). The short answer to the question is:
NO. Read 'Being Different' for a detailed and in-depth discussion. Here are some useful forum links discussing karma and reincarnation.


In this thread, a forum member shared his reasons for returning to Hinduism. We present some pertinent points below:
"I am a born Hindu, but I was converted to christianity in my teen age years. In my early 20's I read the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi in which he talked about his experience with christians and christianity. His christian friends tried to convert his, and his reply was that he must first study his own religion thoroughly before thinking of converting to another religion. After studying Hinduism and comparative religion, Gandhiji realized that his own religion is far superior to other religions.

 So, following in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, I also did an in-dept study on comparative religion and came to the same conclusion. I IMMEDIATELY REVERTED TO MY ANCESTRAL RELIGION - SANATANA DHARMA.


As Rajivji explained, there is no Moksha in christianity. Christianity goes as far as a realm called heaven, which in Hinduism is called Swarg. Beyond heaven/Swarg, there is an unmanifest State called Brahman. Moksha is merging into that State of Oneness with Brahman. ....This Oneness is open to ALL Truth seekers, and NOT exclusively to Jesus...

You said (as all christians do) that Jesus paid for the sins of others by his blood ..... (As Gandhiji said that Jesus proved nothing by dying)... MANY GREAT PEOPLE BRAVELY DIED for some good in the world.


The Bhagavad-Gita says: "Better is your own Dharma, even with flaws, than the Dharma of another's."  If you were told by others that your mother was ugly, would you not still love your mother ?

 In Hinduism, this Age is called "Kal-yug" - it is the "Age of Delusion and Deception." So, Beware of False Religions.  Hinduism is NOT a deceptive religion. It NEVER tried to deceive others into believing....Sanatana Dharma does not have a conquering or converting agenda. In Hinduism : "Not Conversion, but Transformation is the Goal of True Religion: Become Better Human Beings: Love, Mutual Respect, Unity in Diversity, Etc., Etc."   These things are not taught in christianity and the other Abrahamic religions..."

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