RMF Summary: Week of August 15 - 21, 2011

August 16
John Dayal (featured in BI) targets Rs 3,500 crores of GOI funds for
A Crore of Christian Youth may Get Good Education at Government Expense if the Church Wakes Up More than Rupees 3,500 crores to be had in scholarships and...

August 19
Is Sonia Gandhi co-President of a pro-Kashmir separatist organizatio
Rajiv comments: I have blocked posts that divert from the thesis of the book being discussed. Hence, the common chatter on all sorts of issues, scandals and personalities get...
....Here is what was sent to me:
There is a forum of which Sonia Gandhi is co-president: http://nancho.net/fdlap/
It supports actively the separation of Kashmir and ' invite your assistance to expose other movements which desperately require public attention and support':  http://nancho.net/fdlap/fdlalert.html

It is financed by (among others) Soros Foundation and Olaf Palme International Center,. : http://truthgun.com/2011/08/16/did-you-know-look-who-george-soros-is-funding/
Ganesh shares:
"..I think this pdf file of a 15 point programme tells a lot on how to ensure breaking India based on minorities and majority. Look at the impetus of points 3,4,5 and 6.

Here's an ad that appeared to this effect. .."

August 19
New Website and Report Citing Breaking India
Abhimanyu reports on the "forum of Inquilabi Leftists": ... Hinduism is spiritual fascism. Ramayana is a book of colonizers. Hinduism is a religion of violence where the killers have become Gods. NRIs (non-Resident Indians) are slaves of corporate America that are motivated by issues of exploitation and oppression of 'desis' and others in the US. The Forum of Inqualabi Leftists (FOIL) and its affiliates subscribe to the above views on Hinduism, India and the Hindu diaspora..."

This thread below had a lot of discussion, including comments by Vijaya Rajiva, N. S. Rajaram, and several others. It is worth reading this thread in its entirety.
August 19
Selling out to the establishment has its rewards
Rajiv Malhotra shares a HuffPost link and comments:
"Anju Bhargava, the self appointed "Hindu American leader" whose misrepresentation of the community is examined in chapter 15 of Breaking India, has climbed her personal career ever since she played the role of "complicit Hindu" in the US government appointed inter-religious council. (This council, during her one-year term, passed resolutions and recommendations to the federal government that expand the faith-based initiative grants (i.e. mostly to Judeo-Christian groups) in almost every branch of the government, and overseas as well. This means more infiltration by evangelists into various federal agencies, done legally and as a mandate of the government policy...

Breaking India shows how President Clinton succumbed to this pressure from the Christian Right at a time when he was vulnerable and needed their support. His Religious Freedom Act led to setting up of the USCIRF....

... I pleaded without success for Anju to take a principled stand by going on the formal record to state her opposition to the latest initiative. She refused, citing her personal goals in Washington circles. I admit that she was pained having to take a weak stance, but cited personal career factors...

...After a well-orchestrated media blitz, Anju has climbed to being listed as one of the top ten women in world religions today - the only Hindu on it. (See article above.) Wow! Congratulations, Anju, you finally made it into the big league. But I cannot help remark that you sold your soul somewhere along the way."

August 21
Tamil book on War Criminals released
Chennai, India: “Por Kutravali” (meaning ‘War Criminal”)- a book in Tamil language, based on the  UN panel report on Lankan War crimes, published by Manitham Publishers (Chennai)  has come out in the market this week. A Tamil translation of the entire report is printed and about 240 pages of 328 are dedicated to the UN report.  The book’s preface has been written by prominent Tamilians... 

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