RMF Summary: Week of August 22 - 28, 2011

August 22
Senate Bill 1245
On July 29, 2011, the US House passed HR440 with overwhelming bi-partisan support. The bill calls for the appointment of a Special Envoy to Promote Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia. The Special Envoy would carry the rank of Ambassador. This is an important position through which the United States can regain world leadership in fighting these human rights abuses. The bill was sent to the Senate as S1245, and it now rests with the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. You can read the text of the bill by clicking here...

Rajiv Malhotra responds:
"... I prefer a one-time committee to probe Bangladeshi Hindus' plight rather than a permanent institution that is a specialized version of USCIRF" 

August 23 
Article by Koenard Elst on hindu activism outside sangh parivar
Ramakumaran posts: A brief study by Shri. Koenard Elst ji on hindu activism outside sangh

Rajiv Malhotra responds:
"....In the 1990s, I coined the term and championed the notion of being "a Non-Hindutva Hindu". It drew a lot of flak from the Hindutva folks who claimed exclusivity of representing all Hindus. (The term "hindutva" means Hindu-ness so it does imply the posture of all Hindus, but "Hindutva" with a capital H is a proper noun for a specific political movement that is synonymous with RSS.) So
my term merely suggests a Hindu who is not part of the Sangh's institutional movement. I see no contradiction here.

I was equally attacked by anti-Hindus who claimed that I was avoiding the branding effect of the RSS by adopting an independent approach. My approach forced them to address my issues and not dismiss me by using guilt-by-association.

I have and will continue to pursue my independent thinking which means it will sometimes agree and sometimes disagree with any given institution. ..

... In some ways, dharma has encouraged such individualism.

Recently, the leaders of such organized movements have not only accepted the reality of the independent public intellectual, but they appreciate why it must exist, and the purpose it serves in the long run by providing fresh ideas that large groups cannot produce.

This is like any large technology company realizing that small start ups are necessary vehicles for creativity which large organizations cannot do internally due to internal politics, bureaucracy, mediocrity, dead wood, etc. - all problems that plague the RSS parivar..." 

Karigar notes:
"...Koenraad Elst's survey also helps those of us who don't have much of an understanding of the Parivar, to get a fairly neutral background briefing."
Vijaya Rajiva responds:
"...Sangh Parivar tend to be self effacing and do not advertise their good works.I did my own personal research after reading the negative account of them in Ram Guha's book India After Gandhi.... For example, the recent book by Dr. Shrinivas Tilak 'Reawakening to a secular Hindu Nation' (2008) is an important contribution to Parivar theory. Likewise Dr. Kalyanraman's book Rashtram (May 2011) is also an important contribution...
...Apart from their sterling social and economic services to the country their tradition has been outstanding in the defence of the country since the time of its inception. ... Hence, it is important for us who do solid independent work as Hindus, to inform ourselves of their achievements, both in the theoretical sphere and as well as in the practical one. "  

VS disagrees with Elst and Rajeev:
I completely disagree with Rajiv and others on RSS in this thread. We have not done our home work right before making our statements. Sangh Parivar is very much active otherwise how Tribal belt is saved from missionary activities, how come North East is been tried to be brought closer to main stream, who is organizing India security meets, Mandala Kumbh , Voice against Kashmiri separatists, bringing Gujjars of Kashmir to voice against separatists, 1.6 Lacs SEWA efforts,Ekal Vidayala, VYAASA, initiative in Srilanka after internal war, meeting close to one crore people after PC stated term Hindu Terrorism, Dharma efforts in Caribbean, uniting Sadhu samaj, Sitting a Padmanabhaya temple against Govt take over...."
Subramanian Swamy responds to Rajiv:
"Let us create a critical mass /body of such persons."

Vijaya Rajiva seconds Swamy's idea:
"Excellent suggestion from Dr. Swamy. There is nothing preventing us Hindus from mobilisng and forming a critical mass. The Parivar surely is not standing in our way !"

Rajiv Malhotra provides a detailed response that is worth reading in full on RMF. We excerpt it here:
"The intention of the thread was not to open a critique of RSS or a defense of it. The intention was make a simple point: There is no single organization that can claim to own exclusivity over Hindu dharma representation. Hence, those who defend RSS and those who criticize it are both missing this point...

...In the early years their reaction was defensive, with claims that "we have all this under control", "we dont need your help", etc. As I persisted and educated them on problems they had never even heard of ... They became more humble about acknowledging their own limits.

...In fact, many of my ideas are now being appropriated and getting incorporated into their long term thinking. This means that those who work independently have made useful contributions which RSS could not.

...At my recent talks in Delhi on Breaking India, one of the most prominent intellectuals who was a top official in the BJP government came to me and said: "We simply do not have the capability to produce such works ourselves, not at this standard of rigor, thoroughness, quality..." I thanked him for his candidness. Another told me: "It will take at least a decade for us to build up such capability." These days, the top echelon of Sangh do appreciate independent public intellectuals.

This over-zealous display of "loyalty" we saw on this thread comes from the low and middle tier ranks... Bandwagons attract mediocrity, ...

 ... Those like ATT who were too slow to change fell by the wayside while others like IBM that kept churning their ranks to reinvent themselves thrived. Every large organization living off of old momentum needs a SWOT analysis to know how to reinvent themselves out of such inbred culture.

Bottom line: I doubt the Sangh top tier want to alienate outside independent thinkers today. If anything they would love to co-opt them at senior levels. ...

My views are not an attack against any specific large organization but merely explain the limitations of all large organizations once they get stodgy. ... Large institutions own infrastructure which the independent individual lacks, whereas the individual is more capable at creative output which gets stalled by the very nature of large group dynamics." 

August 25 
My discovery of Church Tactics
Chitra posts:
The act of searching often turns up something useful that one was not looking for. Last night I discovered that this applies to channel surfing as well. We've...

...The document in question is the DECREE AD GENTES issued by the Second Vatican Council  It lays out, in exquisite detail, the following:
-- the divine mandate for missionary activity culminating in conversion
-- the methods to be used by bishops, including
(i)  in-depth study of Christian texts with the ability to answer all challenges
(ii) knowledge of the culture targeted for infiltration and the need to project an appreciative demeanor in order to gain access
(iii) the need for sharing of resources whether human or material between churches to maximize overall impact and penetration
 --  the role of the laity in serving as extensions of the missionary agenda
--  the role of educational institutions in furthering the missionary agenda by means of opening up a deeper understanding of the target culture so that it may be more efficiently and systematically destroyed..."

August 25
Please watch 'Agora' and how Christianity destroyed classical Greek
Last year I saw a feature film called 'Agora' more info on the feature film is available here  I would recommend that...

August 25
Speaking of Cults...
I wonder if people in India are aware of what certain Christian cults can get away with in the United States without fear of government interference.
Actress Rose McGowan discusses her childhood in a Christian Cult –" I got out by the skin of my teeth"

In the recent issue of People magazine, the outspoken actress went into detail about a real-life battle far scarier than any movie.McGowan, 38, spoke with People about how she spent her childhood in the Children of God cult. The sect is a "polygamous cult that blended free-love attitudes with Christian proselytizing." At age nine she escaped the cult with her father after he became fearful that Rose might be sexually abused..."

August 25
Rs 40,000 crore foreign contribution to 77,000 NGOs in 4 yrs
Can't but get away from the feeling of India being in deep muck. ...

This thread below had a lot of comments, given the nature of the bill that was being passed and its scope for anti-Hindu mischief.
August 25
Anti faith bill has been put in Assembly. Ban on Vedas, certain wors
Can we get a word format of the attachment please. We need to spread the word out on this. Things are going real terrible in India for the country, with...
[Bharat shared this]

Please look into this and see if we can do something.



The monsoon session of State Legislative Assembly has started from 25th July 2011. The Government has decided to pass the Anti-Superstitions Bill which is actually an attack on Hindu Dharma

Rajiv Malhotra provided a detailed response. We carry excerpts here:
"This is the culmination of many things which most of you did not take seriously when they could have been nipped in the bud. Examples:

Over the past decade there have been major articles in National Geographic Magazine, academic conferences and sporadic media here and there, on what got characterized as "exotic" practices by Aghoras among others. In parallel there is a lot of scandal being promoted in the western press and scholarship about other "exotic" things - like rat temple somewhere, and weirdness in general.

I used to write widely on such things to give a counter position and critique, but did not get enough genuine support, so I stopped wasting my time. The Hindu response was a mixture of: sameness so why bother; we are invincible; its not a problem because all this shows we are very important and interesting subject matter; etc....

...An army of scholars, media persons, activists, and policymakers has been trained and orchestrated to prosecute Hinduism on many fronts. One of the fronts is now this law that will put non-practicing Hindus (many with Hindu names) in positions of authority to evaluate the "evil practices" of Hinduism.

I have read tons of academic books on how exactly the same methods eliminated the pre-Christian faiths from the Americas and Africa. These systematic methods have become perfected and they are not a random scattering of "episodes" here and there. But our people avoid dealing
with such things, preferring instead to immerse themselves with "good news" of how great everything is. I am much more popular in gatherings if go along with the India shining/Incredible narratives where everyone is dropping big names and bragging how important they have become."

August 26

Important HuffPost blog on Indian corruption
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cleo-paskal/indian-corruption_b_931981.htm\ l [Rajiv's comment: This well written article exposes the links between political...


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