RMF Summary: Week of September 26 - October 2, 2011

September 26
Communal violence and Target Bill.
Sri. Ram Jethmalani on the divisive Communal violence and Target Bill. http://expressbuzz.com/opinion/op-ed/a-divisive-communal-bill/317543.html Hari Om K P...

September 26
Whats cooking in Tamil Nadu
Aravindan Neelakandan posts:
A lot of things are happening in Tamil Nadu. Its like being in the eye of a storm and seeing every one take it as a breeze even as they are getting destroyed by it.

1. Church could organize coastal people; launch an agitation and stop a nuclear power project in South Tamil Nadu. It is not the pros and cons of Nuclear power that I am talking about but the clout of the Church in organizing people's
protest and making government bow down in such a vital matter.

2. Police firing on an agitating Dalit crowd which killed six Dalits. My Dalit friend said that the police behaved in a high-handed manner and that the entire event was video-graphed by Madurai Theological Seminary (mentioned in 'Breaking India') The Dalits were agitating for the release of their arrested leader. His name? John Pandiyan.

Like the proverbial frog in the cauldron enjoying the warming water we are discussing abstract things regarding Varna and Jati and Kula. But the ground reality is a veritable exploding volcano. We have little time left - if left at all. May we not end up as museum pieces or worse refugees in World Vision camps."

A. Neelakandan responds to a followup:
"//without discussing abstract things like true perspective of Varna, Jati and Kula, it is not possible to eradicate caste distinctions. Practical follows theory//

I fully agree with your statement. In fact Arya Samaj has been at the forefront of fighting for harmonizing / eliminating these divisive faultlines. In fact they were the first to use the word 'Dalit' with the sense of emancipating and empowering the suppressed sections of the society in an environment highly
negative. Researching the histories of most of the neglected Dalit leaders in Tamil Nadu I was surprised to find that at least two of them were directly influenced by Arya Samaj. Lessons need to be learned how this vibrant movement was dissipated after independence.

Atrocities on Dalits are a fact. And the surprising truth is many of those who really fight for Dalit empowerment are deeply Hindu minded. But invariably those who come out in media light as Dalit saviors are missionary projected-manipulated leaders. But no worthwhile effort has been made by Hindu organizations to talk with these ground level Hindu Dalit leaders - share their experiences and challenges; understand their perspectives and evolve a bottoms-up Indic vision social justice rooted in Vedanta. A Vedantic vision for
the liberation of Dalits as well as a Vedantic mission for the validation of broken native cultures all over the globe (broken by Abrahamic theological imperialism) is the need of the hour. The crucial importance of 'Being Different' comes here as a major theoretical tool for this task"

ShreeVinekar adds:
".. I was stunned to hear a program by an Oklahoma based musicologist on NPR. The program is ostensibly about music but definitely by open admission a "liberation" movement for the Dalits in Tamil Nadu who are depicted as not being allowed to play their music (drums) for the religious ceremonies of the "upper caste" and thus depriving them of income. The program "This is Music" is touting a documentary film about the atrocities the Dalits in India are facing in Tamil Nadu. The spokesperson boldly announces that the word or the epithet "dalit" was invented and first used by no one other than "Babasaheb Ambedkar." This program is heard by millions of Americans who are urged to  donate for this cause of political activism on behalf of the Dalits in Tamilnadu. No Indian who is social justice promoter has started asking for donations to liberate the Native Americans from their reservations or liberate the African Americans from their ghettos in America..."

September 26

Dharma as Protective Umbrella validating theo-diversity
Aravindan Neelakandan posts:
" Seeing dharma as an umbrella against theo-imperialism tribes in Borneo actually teach us a valuable lesson: the real significant role Dharma can play in protecting theo-diversity

September 26
Dalit = Black trade fair in Mumbai...
Karigar posts: 
" See last line of below news item. The tacit equation of Dalit =  Black being reinforced...

Ratan Tata to attend first dalit trade fair
NEW DELHI: In a first, the three-day trade fair to be organized by dalit entrepreneurs and businessmen in December will be attended by Ratan Tata. "We had sent an invitation to Ratan Tata and he has confirmed that he will attend our conclave and exhibition," said Milind Kamble, chairman of Dalit India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event, beginning December 16, will be held at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. DICCI, whose mission statement calls for "fighting caste with capital", will showcase about half-a-dozen dalits who started as small entrepreneurs but now are running companies with multinational operations.

... The event will host more than 200 dalit companies involved in hardcore manufacturing, construction, trading, health, hospitality and the knowledge industry.

"Our friends in the US are also trying to get Robert Johnson, the first black billionaire, to visit the fair as the guest of honour," Kamble said. "

September 27
Church promises 10,000 rs. to Catholic couples in Kerala on birth of
Check: St Vincent De Paul Forane Church in Kalpetta has promised 10000/- to Catholic couples on the birth of their fifth child. This novel initiative by the...

September 28
Houston Seminar on "Breaking India" - Video Uploaded
http://www.breakingindia.com/houston-video-1/ The Houston program a couple of weeks ago was a great success....

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