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October 2013
EU Passes "Resolution" on Caste-Based Discrimination! (NYT Article)
Arun shares a link and comments:
Pls see this article in the NY Times:
I'm shocked that this has "passed" as a resolution to link casteism (caste discrimination) as a "human rights" violation! This is exactly what Rajiv Malhotra said is happening in Breaking India.

The author Rikke Nohrlind is a leader of a "Dalit Solidarity Network" - a group explained in 'Breaking India'!"
Aditya notes: "Rikke Nohrlind seems to have a misunderstanding of Hinduism when she says: "While in South Asia caste discrimination has its roots in Hindu philosophy and religion and is sanctioned by the religion..."
Maria adds:
"... This topic is specially dangerous because, unless one opposes with base, everybody would be initially with such a "generous" organization which seems to support the helpless. Thanks to our eyes-opener, we can know and let others know what is behind all of this."

Tattva notes:
"It may be pertinent to mention that India Ink at NYT is edited by one Basharat Peer, a Kashmiri Muslim, who has on public forums spouted pro-separatist and anti-India stands. Not too long ago there appeared a placed blog over at NYT India Ink on the Mujaffarnagar riots which sought to reverse the truth of armed Muslims attacking HIndus returning from the Jat Mahapanchayat by claiming it was vice versa. Such audacity.
In general, NYT is hostile to Hindu interests and HInduism. Does no one recall the sorry piece on Ganesha festival or the motivated piece on Narendra Modi?

Make no mistake, this will only get worse unless things change in India..."
(here's a rebuttal to the aforementioned Ganesha article. The Modi article is covered in the 'Digestion' post on Onam earlier this month. The rebuttal to that article is available in this thread).

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