Vibhinnata, Vibhinnate: Hindi and Kannada editions of 'Being Different'

October 2013

Rajiv Malhotra announced:
Vibhinnata (Hindi edition of BEING DIFFERENT) is now available on Amazon:

Its an excellent translation by Devendra Singh, thanks to his tireless dedication to the cause.

I hope you will support this very complex and difficult accomplishment by buying multiple copies for yourself and as Divali gifts for others.

It is already available in India on 
Link from Rajiv's Facebook page.

The Kannada edition is expected to be released in January 2014

Vibhinnate Project Team reports:  

We are glad to announce that Being Different Kannada Translation  'Vibhinnate' has been completed and will be going for printing very soon. A formal release of the book is expected when Rajiv Ji visits Bengaluru in January 2014. The program details and date will also be announced as it becomes available.  There will be web link to purchase the copies.

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