What are the differences between Digestion and Conversion?

This is another very important post in the series on 'digestion. Here we examine the difference between the differences between digesting Hinduism versus converting Hindus to some Abrahamic religion.
November 2013
None in US will support Missionaries' conversions in India
Raghav started this thread by sharing a link and commenting:
The following was posted on an another e-group (Hindu Civilization). The good cop's assurance is what I see here. Mr. Goldberg might have overlooked Rajiv Ji's 'Breaking India'

'None in US will support Missionaries' conversion activities in India', says Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda

Rajiv comment: Jews are active digesters though they dont convert. Most Christian digesters are liberal, left wingers who hate missionaries. They reject Christianity and the digestion is into WESTERN SECULARISM/SCIENCE.
Will I see the day when our folks do not think of every problematic person as christian missionary? On the one hand our folks are seriously troubled by the LEFT and yet they confuse them all as missionaries. If YOU read BI (forget whether Goldberg read it; did YOU read it?) you ought to notice the clear emphasis that leftwing and rightwing threats are DIFFERENT. If so, why is it a big deal for a leftwing to certify that he hates missionaries???

...All that someone has to do to get certified by morons is to decry missionaries.

To make it simple again: If you want to eat and digest food you do not reject it, do you? You LOVE it. Thats digestor mindset = love for Hinduism as food to be digested.

On the contrary, if you are a missionary you propagate REJECTING it. Can you please see these are OPPOSITES and yet each is harming us?

Another attempt: Missionary teaches repulsion for it. Digestor teaches love for it as food. The Christian Yoga promoters LOVE yoga, not hate it."

Neeraj asks:
"... when the digester is assimilating [Yoga], he is branding it as Christian Yoga and not something neutral like holistic yoga or secular yoga. If the digester is leftist, then his/her hatred for christianity would push him to do so. Wouldn't it?

Rajiv comment: The digester will repackage it (i.e. digest) into whatever western framework he subscribes to. This means there are as many varieties of digestion as there are varieties of predators..Specifically, the following is a partial list of western digesters:

1) Christians who will turn it into a part of christianity.

2) Hard material scientists turn it into secular science.

3) Post-modernists will show that it is generic and same in every culture.

4) Indians into Dalitstan/Dravidstan will show that whatever is good about it belonged to pre-Aryan people who are now the dalits/dravidians. Whatever is wrong with it was a contamination by later aryans turned into brahmins.

5) Islamic scholars will show it was always part of islam.

I am aghast at the trivial/superficial capacity of our so-called thought leaders. They have still not understood the following:

- the difference between hinduism haters and hinduism digesters (and some who combine both).

- the difference between several kinds of digesters, as illustrated above.

- the public postures of good cop and bad cop, which can hide the private agendas of hater or digester.
I got calls and private emails from Hindus claiming victory that a digester touring India was speaking against missionaries, hence he is good for us!!!  
What a bunch of murukha (idiots).
Harish summarizes: "...digestion means "loving" and conversion means "rejecting". I really appreciate Rajiv ji's clarity of thought."

Rajiv comment: "Digesting is deadly love. I love you in such a way that you turn into my property and lose your self existence. When I see a delicious dish I appreciate it and praise it. A stupid deer would go around saying "he loves me and invited me to his dinner table".
What makes digestion far more dangerous is that it occurs over a long time. The digestion tract takes time to suck out the nutrients and expel what's waste. So fools being digested go around dancing with glee that the predator is being so nice to them."
Srinath makes an interesting observation:
"Aren't both digestion and conversion observed in varying degrees across the WU power spectrum...  Missionaries reject, convert, and subjugate for the most part but also engage in stealth digestion.  Examples from pagan Europe abound. The Scientists on the other hand while being "uber" predators - also negate other sources of intelligence, suppress independence with groupism, etc.  For sure digestion is the killer app because it can be resorted to with subterfuge when heavy handedness isn't yielding the highest return.  I see this mix of digest/convert between let's say, Akbar and Aurangzeb.  Neither of them were 100% in one area but even within their lifetimes the pendulum swung slightly this way or that depending on the political landscape."

Rajiv comment: "Yes. This is how I have explained these. Its about time our members got beyond the basics and started going further. We cannot afford to come back to ground zero every few weeks and repeat the same basics."

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