Bill Gates' new dangerous project in India

Rajiv Malhotra wrote:

Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate and one of the richest men of his time, had the long term vision of building a few thousand libraries that would loan out books about American greatness. Ordinary citizens would learn about history through the white man's lens, about the founding fathers, etc. The publicly stated stated purpose was to spread education.

Now Gates has announced a plan that Indians need to examine quickly and closely. We must put in place some checks and balances as to what kind of books will be available there. If it is the Jaipur Lit Fest variety or what the leftist media-wallahs will decide, then watch out. Maybe their favorite NGOs will get the job to do.

I am unsure if the authorities even understand how such strategies work. Like in the case of co-opting Kumbh Mela officials with nice talk and personal PR, it wont be difficult for Gates to get Indian authorities lined up to shower their gratitude.

Literature is not ideologically neutral. The choice, the tilt, spin, etc will matter. This coud turn unto another battle front just like NCERT books and mass media.

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