Project B: Vande Mataram Library to compete with Murty Library

Project B: Vande Mataram Library to compete with the Murty Library
From Rajiv Malhotra

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, a Sanskrit scholar in Pondy and a solid researcher of Sri Aurobindo, has written to me that we must
“form a collaborative publishing platform with a home team of genuine scholars and commence the work of publishing that is deeply perceptive of our Vedic tradition. We could perhaps call it the "Vande Mataram Library". We could expand the scope to not only translate "500 volumes of traditional Indian literature into English" but publishing original works that would enhance the appreciation and cultivation of the Vedic flame.”

I am supporting this idea. Let Sampad ji initiate a team of scholars to develop the draft of such a new project. I can help them raise funds.
I have given my input to them as follows:
  • Have multiple financial sponsors, not just one. This way it is not vulnerable to personal whims, political leanings, etc. The HRD can be one such sponsor along with private industry and other individuals.
  • Have a solid editorial board controlled by swadeshis..
  • Divide the 500 volumes into thematic categories (e.g. mathematics, chemistry, medicine, itihas, purana, darshana, dharmashastra, kavya, etc...} Set up a sub-editorial board in each such thematic specialty. This job is too massive for one single editor.
  • Develop overall standards and assumption. Also each thematic group should develop its particular standards/assumptions.
  • Keep the politics out. No underlying divisive political agendas such as creating caste bheda or empowering dalits, women, etc. That is what plagues current Indology far too much. It has become the playing field of breaking India forces. This means we must not blindly apply Pollock's "political philology".
  • Keep it swadeshi controlled. Videshis welcome to join but must play by the rules set by the swadeshis.
  • Invite Murthys to join this as one of the sponsors if they wish to – thereby removing unnecessary competition. Pollock should be invited (though not as the big boss) - perhaps an editor in one of the themes such as kavya. His talent and energy can be put to good use but under the overall standards by swadeshis.
This is still on the drawing board. We must have total transparency. It should NOT get hijacked as yet another project controlled by some ‘money bags’ wanting to exert intellectual or political influence linked to personal vested interests.
We will need help of all sorts. Please stay tuned and let us wait for Sampad ji to give us the first draft.


  1. awesome, lets put these traitors and liberals in their place

    1. I appreciate if entire project is carried out by Swadesi scholars ranther than by Videshi scholars.
      Since English is an Handicaped language, which doesn't and can't exhibits or conveys true and full meaning of
      Sanskrit words & Language.
      Our Swadesi scholars have to play a greater role in enriching English language too.. by adding new vocabulary
      to existing english language.
      So these westerns can get atleast a glimpse or a drop of our civilization & Cultural heritage.

      westerns are having a religion but we a Civilization a sanatana Dharma(with no religion).
      They westerns have to make their head straight first if they want to understand us,
      We the people living in Bharat Varsh has no concept of religioin that what those western or Abhramic people have.
      but we have an civilization with living Proofs and facts and the Glory of Sinds.

  2. Marxist Library VS Vande Mataram Library !!
    I support this Idea of Vande Mataram Library. If crowdfunding finance is being contemplated , I wam willing to contribute financially

  3. Marxist Library VS Vande Mataram Library !!
    I support this Idea of Vande Mataram Library. If crowdfunding finance is being contemplated , I am willing to contribute financially

  4. Rajivji,

    I know few elderly scholars of Vedanta and sanskrit and explained them about your work. They have gracefully agreed to help you out in this regard. Please let me know how this help can be extended to this work.


  5. Awesome. Could also be crowdfunded. Would be willing to contribute $$

    1. Friend, I have a question and this is for all ?
      We don't get funds like what other religions do get from outside countries to destroy our culture and nation. What is happening to the Donations we offer in our temples should be spent in for the Upliftment and enriching of our culture when it is in Dire stituation like this???.
      If the donations are not used for this very cause. Do we created a nation with such a pathetic democratic system.
      Which became a play toy under few covert and marxist psyco intellectual who are continuously working to destory the nation and culture.
      Do we still continue play with "DON'T Care Attitude for everything as a shameless " by accepting colonial metality and loose our Identity of what we used to Proudly say Bharat Varsh".
      do we let die our Civilization like this ?

  6. I am counting myself in. A small support like that of a squirrel's for RamaSetu will be forthcoming!

  7. how can i contribute & work in this?

  8. Perfect line of thinking to substantiate swadeshi approach and analysis of traditional wisdom as treasured in our scriptures and Sanskrit literature. Besides ensuring the correct dissemination of traditional knowledge systems this move can also repudiate the vitiated and false propaganda of lack of scholarship in interpreting the shastras and related literature. I am willing to undertake any suitable responsibility in this venture, although I may not be a Sanskrit scholar, but as one who is exposed to the language in some degree of honesty.
    Kalivaradhan from chennai

  9. Should be done ASAP
    What sort of intellectual discourse on our Sanskriti would it be where insiders havent spoken or may I say have been lethargic to speak
    It is a very basic first step in reversing that situation

  10. Whatever maybe the reason, the initiative is much needed.

    The initiative can be mapped to educational (private) channels as well.

    Please do look at the Sanskrit Wikipedia which already has some work done. Also there are other sites providing Sanskrit translated documents with the original.

    Many are looking for fundamental Sanskrit education for children which isn't available.

    If this is made available, long term benefits of this initiative can be reaped.

  11. How can I be a part of this venture?

  12. For those who want to contribute in some manner to the Vande Mataram Library, please contact RM forum.