The 'Get Narendra Modi campaign' never stops

Kailash writes in to inform that the PM of India is still a target of hate for Western Indologists despite being exonerated by the Supreme Court monitored SIT for his alleged crimes of 2002.

Kailash writes:

The extent and level of "hate" among Western Indologists for Modi is mind-blowing. I had no idea that these people are 'Political interventionists" hiding behind the 'scholarship' mask. This is alarming.

Assist Prof Tyler Williams @ University of Chicago writes in Indology list, "To spare everyone an extended polemic, I will simply say for the moment that the 'anti-sedition' law of the Indian constitution is adopted directly from colonial law. It *does not* address 'hate speech', i.e. the incitement of individuals or groups to commit violence against the country's citizens. (This would indeed be a good thing, and if there were such a law, then half of the BJP and RSS, including the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, would be in jail!)" .


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