RMF Summary: Week of April 11 - 17, 2011

April 11
Fw: Amartya Sen : The Dangerous Delusion
Re: Warren Buffet and Bill Gates interference with our educational system, there is the interference of people like Amartya Sen, who will be heading Nalanda,...

April 12
USHA Reception for Rajiv Malhotraji - Author of Breaking India
(image linked from vivekyothi blogspot)

April 16
US Money funds foreign NGO's
Lessons for the Indians

April 16
When a Minority is not a minority
Aravindan Neelakandan: This is one of the vital provocations of the book. Here we have an example of how Indian communities become pawns in the hands of power structures remote-controlled by transnational entities like Catholic church.

As expected the news provider here does not explore the ground level dynamics. Living in the eye of the storm, so as to say, there are further complicated patterns. There is a high level of dissent among Catholic fishermen community who increasingly feel that they are being kept captive by the Catholic Church.

... The three south Indian districts of Tamil Nadu (two of which are coastal and hence of strategic importance) are reaping sound political power harvests for the Church/churches thanks to the seeds sown and field work done for two hundred years.

April 17
Another 'Breaking India' scenario becoming a reality: and its scary
Aravindan Neelakandan: The last chapter of the book explores strange local nexuses between foreign controlled forces in India even when those who control these forces may be fighting bitter forces at global level. The book gives many examples. For example, right wing American evangelical organizations supporting Maoist insurgencies, Jihadhi forces getting support from Church backed NGOs etc. An US based evangelist (Vishal Mangalwadhi) lauds Maoists for their 'Jihad against Animism and Hinduism'. (p.383) National Council of Churches of Nepal (NCCN) became a key ally of Maoists in helping them form government (p.388)The book also discusses Maoist-ULFA-ISI nexus (p.389-90) ...

April 17
Fw: request
Vijaya Rajiva: url for my article ' Breaking India: Some Reflections' published in Haindava Keralam. 

April 17
My salute to Shri Rajiv Malhotra and Shri Aravindan Neelakandan
Respected Members of the Group, Jai Hind & Namashkar. To be honest, I have NOT fully gone through the Magnum Opus by Shri Rajiv Malhotra and Shri Aravindan...

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