RMF Summary: Week of February 28-March 6, 2011

March 1
New video uploaded: Swami Dayananda Saraswati's address at Chennai book launch
This is the link to Swami Dayananda Saraswati's 45 minute talk, which we have edited for YouTube into 2 parts totaling under 30 mins. His insights into the main issues examined by the book is remarkable.

March 2
India's Think Tanks (422) second to US??!!
I just googled Think Tanks India. and a TOI article (below) says India has the second largest number of think tanks in the world after the United States.

March 2
Fw: [saja-disc] J-ETHICS/INDIA: Sunday Times on Paid News in Indian Media
This link is relevant to Rajiv's comments on media persons seeking payment for news. 

March 3
Breaking India Book Introduction at Madurai
ConvenerMadurai Readers'Club 
Flat A,GF,Anmol Bougainvillaea,
106-107 PT Rajan Road,
Madurai 625014

March 4
How to read this book fast
Rajiv Malhotra: The first reaction when someone gets the book [Breaking India] is about its size. It is 660 pages
and that can overwhelm many. So here's advice on how to deal with it in modules.

For a quick read in 2 hours, one should read chapter 1, then read the first few pages of each chapter which give an overview with the help of a flow diagram. The various boxes in the overview diagram are summarized in a para each, right
at the beginning of the chapter. This way one can get through the whole book fast with a good idea on the various themes.

Once you have done this, each chapter is pretty much stand alone and you can jump straight to the ones you like...

March 6
Appendix C of the book: Parallel developments in Africa
It was indeed a wake up call to read the analogy given with Africa in Appendix C of the book. If Joseph Conrad's stories on "the dark continent" weren't enough...

March 6
True significance of 'Paul Harrison' award given to Binayak Sen
I was amused when about 10 years ago, I came across the Dalitstan web-site. Some of the stuff on the web-site was so crude that I thought it was a joke. Now I..


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