RMF Summary: Week of October 23-29, 2012

This week's edition is delayed due to Hurricane Sandy knocking out power at home the last four days. We hope all RMF contributors who live in the east coast of the US are safe. A very useful link in the list below is the list of blogs and websites related to RMF and Rajiv Malhotra. Worthwhile bookmarking it.

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October 23: Moderator's useful comment on the 'Eddie current' thread that mercifully ended last week:
"Lessons learnt for members could be that after a well thought out response, if the discussant refuses to engage but gets into ad nauseum repetition, it's time to cut the discussion, and realize that the intent is only to distract obfuscate & confuse."
October 24: ‘Jan Satyagraha’ protest ends with land rights 'victory' for marchers

What began as a tool for collecting revenues initially and later on morphed into taking complete control via the Permanent Land Settlement Act of 1793 ...

October 24: Italians converting to Hinduism - ? (update from previous week)
A comment mentions this: "After some investigation, I am inclined to believe that this news item is factually incorrect.  The Vatican may have been deliberately included by some boastful Indian during the news circulation process, and now it has become part of the lore thanks to people who forward emails without doing any basic fact-checking.

October 27: Dharma and Karmakaand (ritualistic Worship) :: Anti Faith Law
Organisation called as  andhshradha nirmoolan samiti..  actually working for foreign funded NGO.....??

October 27: Digesting Hindus thru Yeshu Satsangs
Yet another way to digest Hinduism? 
"Each of these Yeshu Satsangs [I have seen] emphasizes the teachings
of Jesus as part of the path of following him," said Duerksen. "The
Bible, for example, is seen and honored as God's word. It is given a
high level of authority. Even where Yeshu Satsangs have a respect for
the Hindu and Sikh scriptures, the Bible is emphasized as a higher and
the ultimate authority.."

October 28: Our various websites:
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Rajiv Malhotra: Many newcomers ask me for links to my web sites. Here they are:

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October 29: Voodoo and Shaivism
 A history channel viewer wonders about a connection ...
"Some days back I watched a documentary on History channel about Voodoo religion called "Voodoo Secrets"  .."
Interesting discussion.

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