RMF Summary: Week of June 20 - 26, 2011

Watch this video at your own risk.
June 20
Video: Four superstar "India experts" lecture at New School, New York

One of the speakers is the famous Sheldon Pollock who won the GOI's Padma Bhushan award (author of "The death of Sanskrit" and a theorist that Sanskrit is a language that oppresses dalits). He is also the man in charge to produce a series of classical Indian texts translated into English for English speaking youth worldwide, funded by Narayana Murthy.

Another speaker on Hindu "puritanism" is Wendy Doniger.

Another is an Indian discussing how the Mumbai establishment is terrorizing the Muslims in the pretext of controlling terrorism...

June 20
Yale's Anti-Semitic Act
Michel Danino shares a link:
A friend sends this. Very much on the lines of what Rajiv has been saying for years. Can it be of any use to Hindus? The parallels are so striking. (And see the last but one para.)

There were a couple of responses to this. Come Carpentier disagreed with some points, with a counter-response from Rajiv Malhotra. A followup thread is here.

June 21
{BreakingIndia} Introduction
Excerpted with permission from Malhotra, Rajiv and Aravindan Neelakandan, " *Breaking India <http://www.breakingindia.com/>: Western Interventions in Dravidian...

June 22

Newsgram publishes Prof. Sardesai's review of BI
Review can be found here.

June 22
'Breaking India' now exposed by 'The India Cables'

Hello All,

Chapter 15 of 'Breaking India' exposes the US governments direct/indirect involvement in evangelism as foreign policy. Hitherto the readers of the book were educated about this fact but now the truth is out in the open. 'The India cables' published by The Hindu exposes the same fact albeit on a different note. 

'The India cables' dated April 21, 2011, published a classified US Embassy communique whose subject was "RAJASTHAN GOVERNOR REFUSES TO SIGN ANTI-CONVERSION BILL".
http://www.thehindu.com/news/the-india-cables/the-cables/article1713099.ece. The interest of the US embassy in the anti-conversion bill lays bare the fact that BI exposed. More interesting is the part, headlined 'Repercussions in Rome', where the Pope is concerned about the 'religious intolerance' in India and urges the GOI to reject such legislation ...

June 22
Re: Indian youth increasingly turning to Sanskrit
*June 22, 2011* ** * *Even as colonial disciplines like Indology, Indo-European Studies and even Sanskrit departments in the west are imploding, there...

June 22
Daniel Pipes and Aryan Invasion
Daniel Pipes mentioned  Aryan Invasion in a recent article. When rebutted by a commenter, he responded, "I realize that this theory is contested in India but it is widely accepted elsewhere". 

"Breaking India"  initial chapters give the complete picture of the development of AIT/ART and also talks about its debunking ...

Here is a followup from N. S. Rajaram
Re: Article on the Aryan myth
I have attached the promised article. I have contacted Daniel Pipes also telling his that I was disappointed to see a scholar of his stature give credence to...

Fwd: Your comments are online at Daniel Pipes
... From: Daniel Pipes <comments@...> Date: Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 9:13 PM Subject: Your comments are online at Daniel Pipes To:...

June 24
Purva Paksha: Extra Constitutional Authority and Corruption
We, or our Gurus have nothing like this at all – courts, jurisdiction, sentence, compulsion and such like. Indian philosophy comes as freeware whereas the...
June 24
India today writes on the Church v/s LDF text book row
India Today in their June 27,2011 issue has a similar article written under the title "HISTORY REWRITE". ...

June 24
My interview with "The Undercurrents" of Canada
Dear Readers, We are honored to present an interview with Mr. Rajiv Malhotra, Author of "Breaking India"....

June 25
{Breaking India} Overview of European Invention of Races
Excerpted with permission from Malhotra, Rajiv and Aravindan Neelakandan, "Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines," Amaryllis...

June 25
Watch YouTube videos of my California talks, Q&A
The above playlist has 9 videos, the first four are my talk divided into thematic breakpoints. The...

This thread is also important from the perspective of the coming together of the voices of Dharma from different parts of India.
Vish adds:
I am here in Bangalore.

For now, I bought 3 copies of Breaking India to be given to 3 friends whom I will be meeting shortly - Karnataka's leading Literary giant S.L. Bhyrappa, Movie Actor Ananth Nag, and Sugata Srinivasaraju (Outlook South India Editor). Please see [links] (1) , (2), (3).

N. S. Rajaram adds:
This is excellent. Bhyrappa is a good friend of mine. I will ask him to write an article on it for a major Kannada newspaper when I return. He has a huge following.

June 26
Why is reviewing author's name hidden?
Rajiv Malhotra asks: Does anyone know the name of the author and why s/he is identified simply as "history prof from DU"? ...

Geeta responds: 
"The review is by Saradendu Mukerjee. He is also the author of the following:
Peasants, Politics and the British Govt. 1930-1940- A Study in Bihar.
Secularism: theory and practice in Contemporary India.
His review that appears here, can also be viewed on 'Intelli Brief"

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