RMF Summary: Week of February 16-22, 2011

February 17: 
Siddha or Tamil Medicine
In the 20th century, traditional medical practice in Tamil Nadu became part of a politics of a separate Tamil identity. According to one M. S. Purnalingam, Aryan ayurvedic medicine only began in 500 CE, long after the origin of the Tamil Siddha medicine. V.R. Madhavan, a Siddha manuscript scholar, subscribes to the Tamil nationalist narrative and argues that Aryan invaders pillaged "the greatness of Tamil culture in all its branches" ....

February 20
Prasad of Chicago has organized a worldwide conf call open to the public to discuss BI
Prasad of Chicago has organized a worldwide conf call open to the public to discuss the book. After my brief overview, there will be a Q&A period. Participants...

February 20
Response to a question that will be discussed in tonight's conf call
(excerpts)... QUESTION: I have read the book thrice. Some incidents have shook India and Hindu society in the last five or six years whether they are followers of a particular Sadhu or not. My questions are:
1)The arrest of Kanchi acharya finds no place in the book?
2)Also, the Nithyananda episode is also not mentioned.
Why is it so?
ANSWER: (by Rajiv Malhotra)
The question indicates that the book's core thesis has not been understood. There have been numerous writings about Hindu gripes pointing out injustices against them. This book is NOT one of them. It is not a book on Hinduism as such, nor about Christianity per se. It is not a random compendium of incidents that cause pain to Hindus. Given gthe innovative and original nature of its thesis, it calls on the reader to read with a fresh perspective, and to NOT treat it as some prior matter already being discussed.

This book is about a certain kind of threat to India, one that is not being written about adequately today. The book's particular approach shifts the discourse into the realm of the armed forces, security agencies, and foreign policy. This is a dramatic paradigm shift in how the dots are connected....

February 21
India needs a TV news channel
India needs a few TV channels and newspapers and magazines to project the truth. The current news organizations have been co-opted too and they are influencing..

February 21
deconstruction of inimical forces ...
Thanks to Rajiv Malhotra ji for writing this great book, and setting up this mailing list. It is apparent that there has to be some coordination and long-term...

February 22
other online passages re: break-up of India
Dear Sri Rajiv, I enjoyed your conference call and look forward to getting the book. I am glad that my perspective has expanded to comprehend that the..

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