RMF Summary: Week of May 23 - 29, 2011

May 23
Pioneering writings of Maharishi(Swami) Dayananda Saraswati (1824-18
*Pioneering writings of Maharishi(Swami) Dayananda Saraswati (1824-1883) in exploding the myth of Aryan Invasion Theory. Breaking India - an eye opener book...

May 23
WSU's trust with conquering Aryans
Even in the face of mounting genetic evidence that goes against any Aryan invasion (or euphemistic migration), Washington State University carries a website...

May 23
two articles that support the book's thesis
The Kerala Government (LDF) has an ongoing archeological project which will seek to establish that there was a pre Hindu past in Kerala which was overcome by a...

May 23
The same nexus is manipulating the UN standing of various human righ
Forwarded message from V. K. Missionaries land a sucker punch: NHRC may be downgraded India's National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has been dealt a blow by...

May 23
Short story with the theme of Christian appropriation of Bharatanatyam
I have written a Tamil short story 'Taandavam' that artistically exposes this issue for a wide range of audience. The story is told the form of a self...

May 23
Some Inculturation strategies to convert Hindus
This quote is very telling: " Communicate the gospel through indigenous methods such as bhajans, drama, dialogue, discourse, Indian music, festival...

May 24
An article from Tehelka
Posted by Sameer: "Preparing for the harvest" A new mood of aggressive evangelism has been emanating from America. Well-funded, superbly networked, backed by the highest...

May 24
Rajiv Malhotra's Letter to Outlook magazine
May 19, 2011
To: Mr. Vinod Mehta, Editor,Outlook Magazine
This is with reference to the review of the book Breaking India in your magazine. The review blatantly falsifies many hard facts about the book that could be missed only if one did not actually read it.
The reviewer brands the authors as "Yankee Hindutva", a trite slogan to sensationalize, without giving any basis other than her rash (and false)judgment that NRI's are outside the US power structure. Furthermore, she dishonestly ignores that one of the co-authors has lived in Tamil Nadu (where much of the book is located) all his life, and has been working on the groundw ith marginalized rural communities...

May 24
Book Review-Panchajanyam Tamil Religious monthly January 2011.
Book Review Panchajanyam Tamil Religious monthly January 2011. By "SriVaishnava Sri"A.Krishnamachari,M.A.(Public Admn.),M.A.(Tamil),M.A.(Sociology) Editor,...

May 25
Sandeep's rejoinder: "Gita Ramaswamy's Assault on Intelligence"
Rajeev Malhotra posts an article by the brilliant and fearless Hindu scholar and historian, Sandeep Balakrishna: Gita Ramaswamy's Assault on Intelligence that responds to Gita's review and notes that Gita Ramaswamy is author of the book, "Stinking India."
See review here.

May 25
Fw: [breakingindia] Jesuits exporting Christian inculturation of Bharatanatyam
This is quite an important thread with some critical feedback from Indians about what is going on in their local backyard, so we cover this in depth and urge readers to read the full thread.
Vijaya Rajiva notes:
"This dancer who quietly introduced Christian themes at the end is doing something similar to the female dancer (mentioned in Breaking India) who is the head of the Kalakshetra (Chennai). She got around to having the statue of Ganesha removed from performances etc., all this after having successfully established herself.

This all is in contrast to the famed singer Jesudasan, popular both in North and South India, but especially in Kerala. He sings both popular film music(many of the films had him doing the playback singing) and Carnatic music.

All his songs are about Hindu deities. He goes regularly to Moogambi to worship Goddess Sarasvati who is the main deity there.

Two years ago when E.Ahmed (Railways Minister) said at a public meeting that lighting of Hindu lamps should be forbidden at public functions, Jesudasan got up and left the meeting in protest. "

Rina adds:
" I think we ought to make a distinction between Christians ( and Muslims) who continue to respect and revere Hindu deities and rituals and those who choose to learn part of what we do and then denigrate the same.
The former includes people like the later Ustad Bismillah Khan who believed in Goddess Kali as his muse, and guardian deity, and invoked her before every performance.
Jesudasan also apparently belongs to this category.

George makes some very important points:
"I am surprised by the number of people who are shocked by the recent Christian tactic - the Christu Natyam. In fact this padre has been wriggling around for some years now. The majority of the old Christian hymns in Malayalam has been parodies of Hindu hymns. In fact when one considers a professional organisation such as the Catholic Church, absolutely and completely devoted to do these things, can only come up with these not-so-subtle, shoddy counterfeits, one could even say they are utterly incompetent in their enterprise. The Christian religion is the first and foremost copycat of all time and the Catholic Church commands the flagship. Not only Christmas and Easter (derived from the Moon goddess Aster) are counterfeits, there is absolutely nothing original in this religion or faith, except of course the "original sin". What more can you expect from these guys?..."

TCG recalls:
"Last week I saw a poster which read thus: "Prajapati";The
Messiah of the Cross. So now the Christian Church is trying to appropriate our "Prajapati" also!"

Karigar comments:
"It seems quite a simple matter really. It is more about institutions & their goals than about specific individuals.

While one could even give a benefit of doubt to the person of this dancer Dr. Saju (who IS a Jesuit priest of Calcutta Province, per article) that he may have all the reverence we hindus may want of him; the point is the motivation behind him introducing Biblical themes into a supposed Bharatanatyam preformance..."

The final word goes to George:
"I am also not surprised by the attempted appropriation of Prajapati. In the early 90s, when the notorious Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor was becoming popular, in a bid to woo Hindus, the centre hired one Aravindaksha Menon who used to preach regularly on behalf of the centre that the "son" who is mentioned as "sacrificed" in the Purushasuktham was Jesus Christ. They have done all that could be done and still trying again..."

The next thread appears to be a virtual continuation of the previous one.

May 25
Jesuits exporting Christian inculturation of Bharatnatyam to China
Kaajal adds: "I wasn't really aware of inculturation until I read Breaking India and some of Rajiv's writings. But here is an example....shocking, in your face, the same
spineless reporters who dare not comment on this as if it were the most natural thing in the world. when I read something like this and with the exception of a few like Rajiv who dares to speak out, I lose my esteem for my fellow Indians. are we such a bunch of pushovers?...


Steps of devotion
Ambili Ramnath

Reverend Dr. Saju George's performance presented the nritta and the natya aspects of Bharatanatyam..."

GSK demands:
"This is plain unashamed copying and imitation. Why should these converters imitate and copy our temple customs and rituals ? Why should massive conversion gangs roam all over our country trying to bribe, lure and intimidate Hindus into converting to this desert religion ?.."

Viji provides more links:
You have kalakshetram which is pioneer in Bharatnatyam and now you have a " Kalaaksharam" .....This is the best example of Christian Bharatnatyam as a work of missionaries to inflitrate Hindu society and not our of some real love for our culture..


"Bharatanatyam dance academy since 1984 hundreds trained, graduation, arangetrams, competitions, etc. choreographed staged more than 500 dances traditional, patriotic, Christian themes..."

The Christian dancer's vision and motivation?
... "Of late I have been seeing a lot of enquires on dance pieces relating to Jesus or Christianity."
There were some excellent followups in this thread. Pleaes read the thread in its entirety to get the full picture of how the social and cultural fabric of India is being systematically dismantled and replaced with cheap imitations.

May  25

Arundhati Roy and Breaking India
Roy has on more than one occasion openly spewed venom on the Indian nation. Ironically, she and her husband has been held guilty of unlawful occupation of... Here is the followup link. and another one.

May 26

Afraid to read the book, dismiss it using Hindutva bogey
Tattvaanveshanam notes: Mihir Sharma, a columnist for Indian Express, shares some of his thoughts on twitter: 
Here's the screenshot:
May 27

Fw: Ongoing Pattanam excavations and missionary fabrications
... From: S. Kalyanaraman <kalyan97@...> Sent: Thu, May 26, 2011 6:06:28 AM Subject: Ongoing Pattanam excavations and missionary fabrications See also: ...

May 28
LTTE influenced by DMK ideology!!
N. S. Rajaram posts: This news was aired just half an hour ago (IST) on CNN-IBN. http://www.anhourago.in/show.aspx?l=8573073&d=502 Influenced by DMK ideology, LTTE killed Rajiv


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